Projects & Case Studies - Summary
Our solutions are used in a range of businesses, including Legal, Accountancy, Consultancy, Property, Construction, Oil and Shipping.  Here are just a few examples of how our software and experience has helped to transform document production.
Global Oil & Shipping Company
90,000 Staff, 135 Countries
New Suite of Corporate Templates

With 90,000 employees and subsidiaries and offices in more than 135 countries, this Company wanted rapid deployment of their Word Templates as part of a software upgrade.   Some users were stationed on oil rigs, so the brief was 'quick, efficient and easy to use' templates.

Document designs were agreed and Template Studio templates were developed and deployed in less than two weeks, ahead of time and to budget.

Top London Law Firm - 500 Staff
House Style Review, Creation of New Suite of Word Templates & User Friendly Ribbon
O365, iManage, CRM & Active Directory Integrations
Top Design Agency
3 Offices, 250 Staff
Corporate Rebrand - Creation of a New Suite of Templates

This well known Brand Design Agency approached us, after several attempts using freelance developers.


The project brief was to provide a suite of business templates for one of their long standing Corporate clients, based on a strict new set of brand guidelines created by the Agency.

Template Studio portfolio templates were delivered all for a fixed price, in less than 10 days.

Chartered Accountants - 700 Staff
Marketing Rebrand, Word 2016 Templates and  Active Directory, Document Management & Contact System Integration

With a forward thinking IT Director, looking at ways to improve effciency and save costs.  There was also a desire to improve both the process of creating documents and the reliability of their existing solution, together with making use of the latest version of Microsoft Word.

We worked with key stakeholders in the business, agreeing a firm House Style across all business areas, to improve consistency of documents and improve collaboration internally and with clients.  


New Word templates were implemented, supporting the new house style, together with a new printing solution, a new user friendly Word Ribbon and with new consistent ways of working when producing documents.

Having identified issues with inconsistencies in documents together with the reliability of Microsoft Word, we worked together with the project team to identify key objectives for the project.  A desire to improve the user experience, document production consistency and efficiency, were the project objectives.


We worked with key stakeholders in the business, agreeing a firm House Style across all business areas, to improve consistency of documents, implemented new Word 2010 templates, together with new consistent ways of working when producing documents.


We also identified an opportunity to improve the document process associated with client engagement letters.

International Law Firm - 2000+ Staff
Implementation of Microsoft Word Printing Software, dramatically reducing paper waste and removing bespoke print macro code
Law Firm - 550 Staff
Implementation of ThreadPrint Software, reducing email printing by over 80,000 pages within a period of 6 months

This Firm came to us for advice regarding the amount of paper they were wasting, by users printing the wrong type of document on the wrong paper.  Contracts were being printed on pre-printed stationery, other documents on colour paper, etc.  We dramatically reduced waste and improved the user experience when printing documents.


The IT department also benefited by implementation of the software, as they no longer needed to update old print macro code.

The Firm trialled our ThreadPrint software to see whether it would help reduce the amount of outlook email prints.  After a successful pilot to evaulate the software within the firm, the users loved the way it simplified printing and how it helped them in their daily work.
The firm saved 80,000 pages in 6 months and the software paid for itself in just two months.

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