Having the Wrong Document Template Can Be Frustrating and Time Consuming

Having the right document templates is essential. It ensures everyone in your business produces documents that support the styling and branding for your business.

It also ensures document production efficiency, saving wasted hours reformatting and fixing documents.

Watch a brief overview of Template Studio Docs and see the product in action.

Feature Highlight

Using markers when collaborating on a document.


  • Can be used by collaborators who may not have Template Studio installed
  • Conveniently accessible on the ribbon
  • A pane to manage outstanding markers
  • Ability to add a marker summary for non-Template Studio users
  • Ability to strip all markers in a document when needed

What's the difference between markers and comments?

  • Markers functionality makes it possible to add comments inline.
  • Markers won't be stripped by metadata cleaners when documents are collaborated with authors outside your business.