Template Management, Document Creation, Styling, Automation & Printing
We are a UK based Software and Services Company, established in 2008, providing expert advice, software and solutions to provide enhanced document production, automation and printing. Our solutions and experience achieve :-
  • consistency of brand across business documents
  • improvements in document production processes, through document automation
  • reducing risk, ensuring compliance and delivering cost savings
  • bringing efficiency and simplicity to company document production processes
  • professional 'eye catching' documents
  • easy to use software solutions
Solutions for all budgets, with transparent and simple pricing, supporting clients Worldwide. 

Novaplex Launches Transform

Watch this short video and ccntact us for a demo of our new exciting software product, Transform

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Create Company Branded Documents Wherever You Are....

Template Studio Docs software enables :-

  • creation of up to date Company branded documents wherever you are

  • out of the box integration with document management systems ensuring documents are saved in the correct locations

  • electronic signing of your business documents and emailing of your document, so it looks identical to a printed copy of your final document

  • and many other features...

If your current document production environment doesn’t support this, talk to us about how we can assist, we would be delighted to help.

Novaplex Announces Multi Language Support for Threadprint Software,  delivering further savings.

Contact us for a demo of the languages you require, or to talk to us about how much you could save in paper and associated costs.

NetDocuments Strategic Technology Partnership

“With the help of our new technology partner NovaPlex, NetDocuments will help firms become more efficient and optimise the management of their business documents throughout their lifecycle,” “NovaPlex is a natural fit for NetDocuments. Their streamlined approach to document production aligns to the NetDocuments ethos of simplicity and efficiency.”  

Guy Phillips, VP International Business for NetDocuments.

Read full Press Release here 

If you would like to see a demo or talk to us about our integration of Template Studio with NetDocuments software, please contact us, we would be delighted to assist.

iManage Work 10 and Templates

iManage Technology Partner Work 10 / Universal API Accreditation

Contact us for a demo of Template Studio integrated with iManage 9.x or 10.x.

Template Studio Docs, Print & Threadprint Microsoft Office 2019 Certified

All Novaplex software products are now Microsoft Office 2019 Certified.  Available in 32 or 64 bit versions. 


Please contact us for a demo.

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